Chapter 3 Pg 29

As was said in the streaming chat while things were being colored, “It’s a Bentervention.”

You guys did great last week, voting us up into the top 100 for a while, but it looks like we’re getting a bit beat out again, but we can still make it back I think if everyone remembers to click the vote button for the TWC up there. It really does help new people find us! The numbers of people coming in from TWC since we hit the top 100 were definitely up! Lets keep it that way.

Here’s the usual reminder that we are on facebook, G+, inkoutbreak, Tumblr, Twitter, and even Livejournal if you are going oldschool for your comic updates. I also post updates on Deviantart and Furaffinity. If you want updates, subscribe to one of the above, I try to get them all when I update.. at least most of the time.

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