Chapter 3 Pg 11

And we get another reference to a previous chapter here, the vision in chapter 1, yes, it was Wolf. Catching Ferrah while she was all day dreaming to give her a critical hint to get her ass out of a sling.

In other news, want to congratulate the winners of the Renewing the Circle contest, Anthius, deepbluerenegade and Jae87 are the newest circle members! Another contest will be announced soon for the summer, with real physical prizes! Stay tuned.

We have one more bonus page this week, and there’s been enough donations to bring the total for July bonus pages to 1 so far. So there will be a little break on the bonus pages, which is good, because Mysti and I have to prepare for both Jfest (July 14th) and Cos & Effect (August 24-26).

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