Chapter 2 Pg 21

I really had to resist the urge to put “le gasp” instead of just ‘gasp’ in the end panel. I should probably brush up on my expressions so sound effects are unneeded.

You may of course speculate as to why Ferrah is gasping.

We have two more Cameos in this one, the first is our winner of the costume contest, Lunaticked! Serving punch! I forgot to ask what to costume you in, please don’t hate me. XD Second we have Stephen Hague of Cyrios, who was the mummy leg in the last picture.

Plot is going to move swiftly from here. I just have to figure out how to cram everything we need to into 11 pages or less. But oh, dear gods, the plans… I can only hope I can do it artistic justice to the vision in my head.

Just to point out a few threads in the forums, Mysti, the beloved colorist and a DAMN FINE artist in her own right is offering commissions. Very reasonable prices! There’s also a lot of discussion going on, random Shifters questions being answered and of course more story from Sterling!

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