Chapter 2 Pg 20

Sorry it was late but drawing that crowd scene and the whole gym thing-you-can-hardly-see, was brutal. Plus the perspective on the band was a tough nut to crack. The band performing is a cameo of a real band, named Cyrios. David Hitchcock, one of the members of the band composed and recorded the Shifters theme song “New Moon” and the Vampire theme ‘tainted. You can listen to them both here. I keep meaning to ask David if I could offer New Moon as a digital download, but I keep forgetting. Hey Dave, can I? XD Email me and we can talk.
If we compare and contrast with the original Shifters, we are about here. I know, I know, its going a bit slower, but I’m laying foundations here. You have to admit, ya’ll know a hell of a lot more about the world and the characters and such now than you did at that same point in the old version.

The forum RP has seen a bit of a revival as of late, thanks to Bubbanator505’s persistance. Kudos to you dude. If you are interested, you can check out the threads here. Note that this site is NOT integrated with the forums. If you want to post on the forums, you’ll need to register there separately. Admin approval is there to avoid spamination, but I try to be quick about getting accounts approved. There’s also some additional Shifters related discussion taking place as well as more of Sterling’s writings.

I’m probably forgetting something I was going to say but its 1am and I need to sleep now. 😛

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