Chapter 2 Pg 15

Annnnd here is your bonus page, and the last page of 2011! I think you will agree that 2011 has been a good year for Shifters, and we’ve managed to keep a pretty good schedule going from June! This is in no small part thanks to Mysti, the awesome fantastic amazing colorist who’s been keeping me on my toes and working ahead of schedule. You should go check out her stuff and maybe leave her a tip. She honestly deserves love from all Shifters fans.

Its been an… interesting year. Stressful, crazy, and the next year promises to be just as amazing, and crazy although I hope to kind of limit the stress. I’ve got a few “new years resolutions’, one of which is to do yoga at least three times a week, but, for resolutions you might care about, is getting the first chapter recolored/relettered/touched up and printed for the convention season, which for me looks like it will start in March possibly. Mysti and I have got a tentative spot at Vancoufur atm, and will be at the Vancouver Comic Festival for sure. I’m going to apply again for Cos & Effect, Minicomi and I’m already booked for Vcon.  Also on my list is getting the store on up to date with all the nifty stuff I’ve got, prints, comics, buttons, zipperpulls, etc, so if you can’t make it to a convention, you can still get something, although I may have to find some more tech savvy people than me to get that one done. I also want to get the new coin system running on here, ( I got it sitting waiting to be installed) So I can reward people who comment with nifty icons. Its also got some other nice features too I will hopefully be taking advantage of. I know this is also a year where I’m going to have to get my ass into gear for new art. Although I’ve already signed a contract to teach again, I’m hoping that being on a different day it will be a little easier to manage than in the fall. I think all my RL friends are going to get annoyed since I’m going to be reclusive trying to get all this artwork done. XD

Anyway, here’s hoping your new years is awesome, and all the best to each and every one of you awesome people in 2012.

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