Chapter 3 Pg 41

Well, its not really an April fool’s joke, since this is a legit page, but its probably more of a tease than I’d like it to be as I’m not sure when the other pages will get colored. The good news is that there is a backlog and I’m almost done lineart for this issue. The bad news is Che is super busy and hasn’t had time to color them. Starting with the next chapter, we’re going to talk about a shared coloring technique so that we can both color when needed.

The comic does update once a month however with the black and white lineart at my patreon, and color comics when they become available and whatever other goodies I feel like throwing at it. (which hasn’t been much often, I’ll be frank.)

Anyway, if you feel like tossing a few bucks my way and see the lineart updates, you can subscribe. I also post the color pages there first, then everywhere else.

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