Lamia Transition Virus Pt2

Incoming infodump.

Not even really any room for drawings in this one its so packed, and really, I’ve omitted a lot of exact details in favor of a more general explanation. Pardon any grammar/spelling mistakes. I did spell check it but I’ve had a migraine for a week.. soo.. yeah. If there are any niggles, I’ll fix them later.

The latest update on Che’s machine is that its on its way back to Canada, and hopefully into Che’s hot little hands, and then regular updates can resume. We’re probably looking at arrival next week, and the comic page will arrive probably the follow week.

Next up on infodump central: Shifters.

8 thoughts on “Lamia Transition Virus Pt2

  1. yay ferst lol and YAY 🙂

  2. darn the human character I was making for the RP sounds an awful lot like a type A already. She has an ‘allergy’ to a specific mineral already XD.

  3. hmm ……… an yet still the fillers segment continues on

  4. The new work looks really good!
    Your drawing has really improved since the last run of this and it was great then!

  5. I don’t understand why Shifters Redux only has 29 votes on TWB. People need to start voting 🙁

  6. 39 votes on TWC today 🙂 If we got another 10 it would move shifters from the 280s to the 230s I want to help more people find this awesome webcomic

  7. We are learning a lot more specifics from this info dump than we did for the entire run of the first version of this comics. A lot of little things make for sense now.

  8. “forcing to imbue” should probably be “forcing to imbibe”

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