Filler Lamia Transition Virus

So the people have spoken! and world info it is. So I present to you the first of a couple of pages on the Lamia Transition Virus AKA Vampires in Shifters. Its big, and I’ll be uploading a higher quality version than this to my DA. If you are having trouble reading it here, you can DL it there for reading. It is kind of huge.

This is written as a secret report to the government. The government in Shifters is a bit of an underdog and excluded from the Veil as much as they can get away with. However, the government doesn’t like that very much and thus employs intelligence agents to gather intel on Veil matters. The government is aware of the Veil’s existence and the creatures within it, but are constantly struggling to pry the secrets of their existence and thus learning to control these beings for their own ends.

I hope this helps people understand the vampire infection more and I know will generate a lot of questions no doubt. There IS more coming in the second part of this (possibly third).  If you have an questions, do feel free to ask here or in the forums!

And lastly – Happy Thanksgiving to all the American peeps! I’m Canadian and we already had our thanksgiving, but happy turkeyday to all of you folks.

5 thoughts on “Filler Lamia Transition Virus

  1. wooaw that really was in depth…… nice now we know what exactly vampires are in this comic, two types of vamps makes me wonder are they on the same side or are they against each other

    1. I’m sure we’ll find out in due time

  2. Nice back story, this fill’s in some holes in the old shifters storyline. Like why afew of the old gens had round ears.

  3. If you read the original it fills a few gaps that I;m sure will be put back in.
    For now if you want to read the original :

  4. well can’t wait for the other “in depth” info.

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