Chapter 3 Pg 23

So here is your Wed update, and X is annoyed because Karma wants to do the right thing… or does he? COULD HE HAVE A CUNNING PLAN?? I think so. Vampires don’t just do NICE things. or suddenly admit they’ve been bad for NO REASON. Or do they? Speculate.

So, if you haven’t noticed, there are polls now on the site. I’ll be asking random questions to find out stuff. Whatever comes into my brain really. This last little while I’ve been curious to know how new you are to Shifters. I’ve had a lot of requests recently for links to the old Shifters. So I have to ask, would downloadable PDFs of the OLD shifters stuff be something you all would want to see?

Also Vcon is coming up, and Mysti and I will be there again this year with all sorts of goodies like buttons, keychains, art prints/posters, kitty ears and more. This year it’s being held at the Sheraton Vancouver Guildford hotel in Surrey, so if you are going to be in or near Vancouver for the weekend of Sept 28-30, consider stopping by!

Here’s the usual reminder that we are on facebook, G+, inkoutbreak, Tumblr, Twitter, and even Livejournal if you are going oldschool for your comic updates. I also post updates on Deviantart and Furaffinity. If you want updates, subscribe to one of the above, I try to get them all when I update.. at least most of the time. :P Also, please tell your friends about Shifters if you like it! Re-tweet, re-share, re-blog! Word of mouth is the best way to show your love of the comic.

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