Happy Halloween

I know, I know, its not a full page, but with all the various festivities I’m involved in and a dose of technical fail, its been a bit hard to get a full page finished for this week. Considering I USED to do this and given the spirit of Halloween, I figured you all wouldn’t mind a little eye candy. Can’t give you all the real thing, but I can at least offer a variant. Some people have big Xmases, well my favorite holiday is Halloween. XD

The next page will probably be November 1st, rather than Oct 31, because, as I said, I’m very busy and won’t get time to do the art till Sunday, which means Che will have to color on late sunday/monday and will be posted for Tues morning.

Hopefully we’ll settle back into our regular Monday updates back in here shortly after this little disruption for spooky haunting goodness and stuff.

Enjoy, and*EDIT* November *2* you’ll see a new story page. Just letting you know. ( looks like I over estimated myself a bit. Its solid for the 2nd though)

4 thoughts on “Happy Halloween

  1. aw kat looks so cute there all she needs to do is die her fur black to be a black kitty LOL but she’s probably to attached to her white fur but it’s a nice drawing for the season god knows what you will have cooked up for thanksgiving and Christmas

  2. its awsome i dont mind that the next page is a later than normal , cause im just glad you post new pages every week and im sure no one will care waiting just a bit after all you have life 2

  3. That looks cool!

  4. “So, Werecat, huh? What’s that like?”
    “It has its benefits.”
    “Like what?”
    “Opposable thumbs.”

    “I hate you.”

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