Chapter 1 Pg 25

Another wonderfully colored page, on time, woot. That’s now six weeks of updates solid. 🙂 Yes, I’m still counting. XD

Kat knows that the vampires are still hot on her heels and gets herself and Ferrah onto the tramp without Ferrah realizing that anything is wrong. Is she good or what?
Doesn’t stop her from throwing Karma a bit of attitude though.

The Tram system of Shade City is like a super cracked up version of the Skytrain in Vancouver, if you’ve ever seen it. Least that’s what I imagine it to be like.

Don’t forget, if you happen to be in Vancouver, BC round July 23, Minicomi! is going on and both Mad Cheshire and I will be there! Its a free event at UBC, so do stop by! Doors open at 10am. I’ll be selling comics, jewelry, artist cards, commissions, buttons and maybe T-shirts, not sure yet if I can get those done in time. We’ll see! Please come out and show your support!

I will also hopefully be getting a store for Shifters (and other) stuff online soon. There will (hopefully) both downloadable digital content and real physical products. Very exciting times!

Don’t forget we are also still looking for questions for the Shifters Podcast! Please post your questions in this thread in the forums.

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