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Shifters Redux is finally begun! In full glorious colour thanks to the wicked skillz of Mad Cheshire. I’m going to keep the blog portion here on the front, unless there is a massive objection (if  you hate it, do leave a comment..), with the update picture to the side. I’d like to update the blog with posts on the Shifters Universe, contests, events, and other things going on like in the RP or in regards to conventions.

Speaking of conventions, I will be at three of them. If you are in and about Vancouver, BC this summer, mark your calendars:

Minicomi – Exibiting as an Artist
July 23rd, 2011
Vancouver, BC @ UBC

Cos & Effect – Artist Alley
August 13-14, 2011
Vancouver, BC @ UBC

V-con 36 – Artist Alley
September 30 – October 2, 2011
Vancouver, BC @ Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel

I’m in the process of putting out a Shifters book, and I’m waiting on printer’s quotes right now that I will be selling at the conventions. I’m also going to be selling buttons, jewelry, art prints & cards, and possibly shirts, depending on cash flow. More information closer to the events, and I’ll be posting pictures to prove I’m serious. I haven’t been the most reliable person, and I know I’ve got a lot of trust to rebuild in my audience. I will be working hard to do that.

The Circle is there to help keep me on track, and they’ve been doing a good job, as shown by the launch. They will continue to help keep me motivated, and I hope that you all will help too by leaving comments and participating in the forums.

Don’t forget, there’s the Costume Contest going on in the forums. Win a Cameo! Contest closes June 30. More details on the Forums. Also, don’t forget to LIKE Shifters on Facebook.

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