Only Three more sleeps – New contest

Only THREE more sleeps until new Shifters pages grace the site!

If you didn’t notice, I added a little count down clock on the side of the site so you could salivate over the remaining days before launch. I’m still planning on the 6th, I’ve got many pages of artwork done, but my colorist’s computer has been in the repair shop for about 4 weeks (honestly, I think she’s going a little bibbly about it) and I’m really hoping she gets it back soon, or you guys are getting black and white pages until she can get around to coloring them.

So I promised another contest around launch, and lo, here it is. :3

In the original comic (and in the Redux) Ferrah and Kat are going to a Halloween party at their school. Now of course, in the original they dressed up, and in this one they are going to dress up too. And therein lies the challenge to you, oh gentle reader.

Ferrah & Kat costume contest

Challenge: Draw or write up a concept for a costume for Ferrah or Kat at the Halloween party. The best costume will be used in the comic, and the contributing fan will get a prize!

The Prize: A cameo appearance in the party scene!

The contest will be judged by a panel of judges, including myself, one of our forum mods, the esteemed and twisted Gorble, and circle members Suicidal Lady, jaina and Lupis.

Entries will be judged on the quality of the entry (how clearly the costume is described or drawn), how creative it is, and how well it fits the personality of the character. It also has to be replicated over many pages, so while it has to be distinctive, it has to be easily redrawn over and over (so don’t go too ballistic on the details). Also, recognizable. Preference would be for more general, non specific to other canon entries.  Example: A generic Gangster would be preferable to a specific historical or fictional gangster.
There will be one prize per character, so it is possible for one person to win both slots or for a total of two winners (one for kat, one for ferrah) depending on the entries received.

While costumes may be somewhat risque, remember this is a HIGH SCHOOL dance. There are levels of decency expected. Make sure all bits are covered properly.

Please post your entries to this thread in the forums. You can link to a DA account, or use photobucket if you want to show images. Contest closes June 30th!


Also, there is now a facebook page for Shifters. You can ‘Like’ it here.

Are you all excited yet? XD

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  1. 32 miiiinuuutes :0-

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