Chapter 1 Pg 1

In the Shifters world, Shade city is a mega city. There are no ‘wild spaces’ within its enormous sprawling span. All ‘park’ areas are meticulously planned, pruned and maintained. There is no wildlife outside of privately operated sanctuaries and zoos. Farms are vertical, and found inside buildings using state of the art technology to increase yields of foods that are processed into facsimiles of other foods, such as soy to meat like substances. Nutritionally sound, but not nearly as tasty as the real thing. Unfortunately the price of the real thing is far out of the reach of most of the common people of Shade City. The area seen here is part of the ‘Core’, the heart of Shade City. The cars on the ground are taxies and other public transit. No private cars are permitted in the core.

3 thoughts on “Chapter 1 Pg 1

  1. hmm…i wonder if this is gonna be like the other website i’ve seen…

  2. Whole city probably sits on a fusion reactor. Safe, powerful, but a pain to start up from a cold stop.

  3. this comic seems awesome from the start

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