Shifters Benefit Ferrah And Pookie

Okay, here’s the update for those of you who don’t check the forums.
Last week I sprained my shoulder really badly, mucked up my right side for several days. I couldn’t even move. It sucked. I’m better now though.

Mysti/Che, our esteemed colorist’s computer’s graphics card went tits up. The good news is that it is covered under warranty. The BAD news is that her computer has to be sent back to the manufacturer for repairs. Which as you all know can take months to resolve. I have lent her an old laptop, but we haven’t figured out yet if its got enough juice left in it to run everything she needs to to color shiffters. We’re working on it.

So I’m still doing filler and backlogging lineart of actual pages for when she gets her computer back. This was inspired by one of the pet suggestions, I believe the dogpark one. And that actually spawned several ideas.

If you don’t know, in the original Shifters, Ferrah has a dog. She still has a dog, although you haven’t seen him in the redux officially yet, but here’s the Redux of Pookie. Ferrah’s dog.  In the original shifters he didn’t have a specific breed, but in the Redux he’s a Welsh Pembroke Corgi.

Shifters can actually understand animals that they share a bond with. Its not really like.. human language exactly, but they can communicate. I just thought this would be amusing. Also, I really want a corgi.

The line art in this one is actually pretty much what the art looks like when Chi gets it. So you can see how much work she really does.