This page is for displaying artwork relating to Shifters, new and old as well as fan work.



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Shifters: Redux (New artwork)

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Shifters: The Beast Within Art (Old artwork)

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Shifters Fan Art

This art wasn’t done by me (Shadowsmyst) but rather by individual Shifters fans who felt the need and desire to share their love of shifters with their fellows and with me. These artworks are highly appreciated, and credit will be given as best as I can in this format to the individual artists.

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Contributers in order:
Eclipse – By ‘Clover’ aka Yann Blomquist
Shifters REDUX – by MadCarrot
Ferrah by Mad-Cheshire
Kat by Mad-Cheshire
Ferrah Kinsmir by Jaina


Shifters Chapter End Caption Contests

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10 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. *Sigh* i wish i could draw 🙁

  2. If I want to submit something to you, how should I go about doing that?

    1. Email is usually the best. is the place to send it. Also please include the name and URL of your dev art or home page that you would like the work credited to.

  3. got it, thanks wil ldo

  4. wow this some good art i completly suck at drawing so looking at these make me feel kind of depressed

  5. Sent in my Fanart!

  6. Is there a gallery for the caption contests?

    1. Hmm.. not yet, but I meant to make one! Lemme get on that.

      1. Ack, guess I didn’t make it this time around. Maybe next time.

  7. this is awesome
    keep up da good work

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