Comments have been removed from this page because if you want to talk, you should do it in the right place. IE, the articles on the blog, the comic pages themselves OR the FORUMS. Yes folks, we have them. Please use them. To bitch, to praise, to discuss, any form of two way discussion you might want to have.

Oh people can answer QUESTIONS there too, if you have any.

If you want to bitch about lack of updates,  go into the forums and do it.


7 thoughts on “Forum

  1. Helllllooooooo? anybody therrrrrrrrreeeeee? I don’t want this awesome comic to end………

  2. This comic is awesome! Please dont let it die!

  3. If you had read the message on the opening page or even gone to the forums, you’d see she’s working on the comics still. Patience.

  4. She’s been working on the comics for ages. Is she no longer publishing them online or am I now on the wrong website?

  5. This is the right website. When she feels she’s ready she’ll post them/publish and we’ll buy/read them like we’ve been doing for ages. Patience. If you can’t quell your insatiable need for one of the most influential of the developing world of internet fantasy genre, you can check out her other online comic Brymstone and vote for it as well. The art style is the same in that it’s her style getting better all the time. Although at this moment she posted about wrist problems, so yeahh, hope she gets better from it :[

  6. yeah creative things take time, especially if ur creating a world. im a writer so trust me i know what shadowmyst is dealing with. u alienate urself from everyone, all for the sake of art. it takes time to find ur groove

  7. ok i last check up on this some time last year and yet still no update

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