Races of the Veil

There are many races living in the Shifters world despite the prevalent belief that humans are the only race on the planet. Being that in the current time of Shifters that people can modify their bodies in many ways with relative ease and cheaply, its not hard for them to hide their presence within the deviant masses. These are brief descriptions and names of each one.

The main races are as follows

Elves- Elves are the oldest race on earth. They are extremely powerful, but also very secretive and comparatively rare to other races.

Espi- Espi are ‘the hidden ones’. They require very specific conditions to manifest and are extremely powerful as a result of their nature.

Kinsmir- Horrors created of vampires and shifters. Extremely powerful, but unstable and impossible to control. There have been a total of 16 throughout history.

Human_standard- Human (standard) is what most of the intelligent life on the planet is. They are normal human people who’ve absorbed enough of the ‘taint’ to be oblivious to the voice of Gaia, but are neither under the direct influence of the Dark Star. They are the only creatures on the planet with a truly ‘free’ will.

Escari- The Escari are a subclass of human, human 2.0 if you will. Gaia’s new and improved version.

Mage- Mages consider themselves to be the ‘true humanity’ and in a way they are, as they are yet connected to their creator.

Psion- Psions are humans that have been completely corrupted by the darkstar. As a result of gaining her favor, they’ve been gifted with great power, but it comes at a high price.

Wraythe- Like the kinsmir, these are an aberrant creature of obscene power, but rather than a shifter, this occurs when an Espi becomes tainted with LTV.

Shen- The name given to the only ‘born’ vampires in the Shifters universe and the originators of the newgen infection.

Shifters- Shifters were once animals given the gift of human shape in order to become the ‘natural enemy’ of vampires. Unlike humans, who draw their power from the goddesses, Shifter’s power comes from the Dreamgods, spiritual entities of great power that exist in the Dreamplane. Once champions of men, they were later almost wiped out by those they saught to protect.

Oldgen- Variant A of the LTV virus produces what is known as an Old Generation, or Oldgen for short, type vampire. These are the ‘original’ vampires, and more stable and ‘evolved’ than their younger, B type cousins.

Newgen- Variant B of the LTV virus produces a New Generation, or Newgen type vampire. These vampires are extremely violent, prolific, and considered ‘vermin’ as far as the other races go, however they are the most prevalent and dangerous of the vampires for several reasons.

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