Con Crunch Time Filler

Sorry guys, as it says in the title, I’ve run into Con Crunch time, where I’m trying to get everything done for Vancoufur, plus freelance design work, plus my day job and social/family stuff and I’m just getting overwhelmed and unfortunately this is one of the few things I can just put aside for a bit until I can get other things sorted out.

I have been working on the next page, but it wasn’t inked in time to go to Che for coloring. I was hoping to avoid 3 weeks of filler, but unless something happens between here and next week that might well be the case. Both Che and I are in full production mode with our Art for the show and con merch, so its like AHHHHHHHHH *flail flail flail*

However, I am doing a very cool Shifter related artwork for the Vancoufur artshow. Preview is above, and I’ll be livestreaming it probably over the week. If you want notifications, please watch me on DA or FA, or follow me on twitter.

It’s going to be a big ass framed canvas print ( 12″ x 20″) that will be on sale at the show. I’ve also got a bunch of other work to sling out before then so.. off I go to make arts. There will be more Shifters once I get this terrible crunch behind me. Wish me luck.

4 thoughts on “Con Crunch Time Filler

  1. Is that John? :O

    Love it!

  2. Back to the front!
    The TWC vote tallies have reset again. I know Che and Myst are busy with Con prep but lets get back to the front page for them 🙂
    For those who don’t know TopWebComics (TWC) is a site where thousands of web-comics are registered so that readers can vote for their favorites. This helps people find awesome web-comics and helps artists/authors gain readership.
    I’m not a moderator or anything like that I just really like this comic and want to help spread the awesome.
    I hope you feel the same and will take the time to vote. 😀

    1. I’ve been trying to vote everyday, but I think we need a bigger button with a preview of an Incentive to get everyone else voting too. Shifters:Redux deserves to be on the first page of the TWC

      1. Amen to that, I think the votes will pick up when once updates are back to normal after this con break

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