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Okay, sorry guys. Che’s computer is still in the shop, and I’ve come down with the plague now. I’m still working on lineart as I can (between cleaning up the snotpocalypse sneezes and hacking up a lung), so I’m afraid we’re still on hold for the moment as far as story pages go. On the plus side, when Che gets her computer back, we’ll have a nice backlog of art, so we can do the bonus pages. Unfortunately there’s no solid ETA on repairs, so we’re as much in the waiting game/hold pattern as you guys are. We’re very sorry!

I will work on a Halloween goodie for you all however while we’re waiting when I’m feeling a bit better.

But here’s your chance to participate in the filler I’m going to do while we wait for them to voodoo the demons from Che’s laptop.

I’m going to start doing “Shifter Benefits” again. This was a popular filler back in the day, so I thought I’d whip together quick sketches illustrating them like I used to. BUT HERE”S WHERE YOU COME IN.

Submit a Shifter Benefit, here in the comments or in the forums. I’ll go through them on Monday Oct 15 and pick the top two suggestions and draw them. Then people can resubmit ideas, and so on.

A Shifter benefit should be a sort of unexpected side bonus to being a shifter. If its species specific (like say wolf, cat, or bear) say for which character it applies. So your suggestion should be like so:

Kat – Benefit – Can easily defeat any packaging.

You can submit as many as you like, there’s no limit. I’ll pick from whatever I get before Monday for the next one.

13 thoughts on “Shifter Benefits 1

  1. All – Benefit – None of the characters need Halloween costumes. xD

  2. So cute!

    I am stumped on shifter side benefits though. I am sure an idea might come randomly, just not when I try to specifically think about it.

  3. “popular filler” is a misleading term.

    And I see you trying to get us to do your work for you (confusing, isn’t?). Crafty, very crafty.

    Challenge accepted! Here’s a super power I’d like to have:

    Alice- benefit – can always find her socks (by scent?) _<

  4. Ferrah – Benefit – Master of the frisbee game

  5. Kat – Benefit (for others) – Easily distracted by shiny objects

  6. Ben – Benefit (not for other people)- unexcapable hugs and wrestling pro

  7. Shifters Benefit
    All – Benefit – Horrid family camping trips are now somewhat tolerable/awesome.

  8. Bird shifters – Fear of heights eliminated (or else they’re going to be REALLY struggling in their element.)

  9. Ben – Benefit – Bottomless pit (stomach)

  10. If I was that good of an actor, I’d be rich already. I’m talking Bill Gates rich.

  11. Somehow my dog learned to hack computers… she did not delete my homework but changed the answer data so that my answers were correct.
    Shame she was taken away by the men in black.

  12. Other shifter side benefits…
    -You never have to wait for the grill at the barbecue.
    -Howling is way more fun than texting.
    -Heating bills are far lower.

  13. Arachnid Shifters – Benefit – Expert multitasking.

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