Chapter 2 Pg 24

So, in the Shifters Universe, there’s two kinds of vampires. You’ve only seen the one type, which is the kind Karma and crew are. Those who are familiar with the mythos know they are called New Generation Vampires (New Gens for short), or ‘type-Bs’. New Gens are pretty easily distinguished from the “Old Gens” physically by their red eyes, and their wide set, somewhat beast-like fangs.

In the Shifters universe, not all vampires have the same powers, particularly New Gens. While their are ‘common’ powers, in that, many if not most new gens have them, there are some vampires that have peculiar power sets. These unfortunate (or fortunate) vampires often lack powers that are common, such as the ‘mez’ ability that X possesses. She’s particularly good at it though, its kind of like being a specialist, although she does have other abilities. Karma however, is a special case. His ability isn’t quite as strait forward as X’s. Fortunately he’s quite good with his ability, even if X doesn’t understand what he’s up to.

Ferrah is unfortunately on the receiving end of of a vampire hypnosis attack, but the question of course is will it work?

Assuming things go well, there will be another page on Friday. Things are heating up!

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