Kat In Ribbons Filler

Well Vcon is over and con season is winding down. Because of that we got a little time pinched and the page is a bit late. So to tide you over, here is a sexy bit of Kat.

Vcon was alright, we managed to make enough to cover the table and a little extra. The crowd was about bang on for where I thought they would be but there was definitely some learning involved. I’ll do a more complete summary of the cons over at my webcomic blog for the interested.

We’re working to get the next page finished, should be done tues night/wed morning.

6 thoughts on “Kat In Ribbons Filler

  1. I might manage to do a fully cleaned up version of this loverly piece haha. At least it’s better then my last alice fanarts

  2. Oh god, it’s the Christmas ribbon incident all over again. This is really perdy, Mysti.

    1. Thank you luv C:

  3. Where’d I put my scissors…

  4. That is so like a cat!

    1. I just need to find the loose bit, pull and we’ll both have a grand time!

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