Shifters Chapter 2 Cover

And so the new Chapter begins!

If you are an old Shifters fan a lot of this should look familiar, at least storywise but with a LOT more expanded content and context. Much like last chapter established the events BEFORE the dance (giving context as to why the vampires were after Alice, and why Ferrah was targeted by them…) there will be even more context in this chapter, and I have to say I’m just giddy with the upcoming transformation scenes. They should be quite bitching if my hand and brain can see to working together as they have been.

You may be a little curious about the space cat at the side of the cover. If you haven’t seen, Evil Space Cat Productions is my studio name for my comics and associated stuff. Its also where my store is. When I’m at conventions, I have to often give a Business name and because I do multiple comics its just easier to go under Evil Space Cat.

Mysti and I will be at Vcon at the end of this month, so if you are in Vancouver for a little sci-fi and fantasy convention goodness, come and check us out! Next week will be the first story page. Its already done, so we are working well towards getting a buffer. ( hopefully).

There is also the donation meter for the new pages. IT will tick up for every 50$ donated, which will give one extra page update next month. The current total for donations towards new pages is 5$.

I might also make this cover into a wallpaper. Do you guys like that idea?

3 thoughts on “Shifters Chapter 2 Cover

  1. Sounds like a good idea, SM!

    Hmm…the Hickey of Doom?

  2. wow now i really think that he is very perverted

  3. awesomeness.really like the title pic

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