How the donation meter works

As you can probably see (and why you might have clicked on the donation meter), that we have a bit of a page drive going on as it were.

Some people were complaining there wasn’t enough Shifters. And we agree, but because both Mysti (the colorist) and I have bills and such to pay, we normally have to take paying commissions, work, or do other income generating activities. This leaves us with only enough time currently to make one page a week.

BUT with your help, that could change.

For every $75 USD we recieve in donations, we will add ONE additional page to the scheduled pages for the following month. SO this means that if we get say $150 in donations for September, in October we will put out two extra pages. The reason for this is so that we can plan our time. Often we are booked months in advance for commissions or extra work (I teach classes for example in addition to my full time job, never mind whatever paying commissions or graphic design freelance I have, and after they start I have to plan around them.)

The idea is that because Shifters is providing that income we need to make ends meet, we won’t have to keep burdening ourselves with work that ISN’T Shifters related. You guys get more pages, and we get to keep a roof over our heads. Its win-win.

As the donations trickle in, every time we hit a +1 page milestone the donation meter will tick up. This helps show how many bonus pages will be scheduled for next month. If donations for a month do not reach enough for a page, the money will go into a special side account for Shifters related activities, such as merchandise development/purchasing, advertising, con fees, website hosting, etc. This will help tremendously in getting the word out about Shifters being back, and bring more people to the site, which will hopefully help everything along.

Currently we have our donations set up to be accepted through Paypal. However if you want to donate and do not want to use paypal, drop me a line at shadowsmyst (at) gmail dot com and we can work out some alternate form of payment.

2 thoughts on “How the donation meter works

  1. Woot! Looks like we got enough for a bonus page! <3

    1. Indeed! for Dec there will be one extra page posted. 🙂

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